Thursday, 25 December 2008

Nowadays, there are many talent programs on television. You name it, AFI (Akademi Fantasi Indosiar), Indonesian Idol, KDI (Kontes Dangdut TPI), Cantik Indonesia, Indonesian Model, The Dream Band, and other similar programs on television have attract many heart of television viewers. All programs try to make the contestant as star, whether in singing, modeling, entertainment, etc. Now the contests have become a beneficial industry for the management rather than a way to create new talents in the world of entertainment.

Problems occur when the contestant become star before they ever win the contest. Another problem occurs when the managements of the program use the contestants for their own benefit, in another word, the management manipulates the contestants. The contestants have to appear only on the television in which they follow the contest for a certain period, is an example of the manipulation done by the management. The management has total control on the contestants. The management can tell when and where the contestants can appear and that is at the management television station. This means that the contestants cannot develop or continue their career in a larger scale. Since the contestants are made instantly, they will disappear instantly as well. Their appearance on only one television station will make them disappear faster.

The management has to give the contestants a freedom in their career so they can evolve into greater entertainer. A year or two in the television station is ok, but in between those years, performing in another television program will give new experience for the contestants. Then again, we all must remember the first, basic purpose of holding the programs, which is to give a chance for people to develop their talents.

The great experience is the great inspiration moments


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