Sunday, 14 December 2008


Nowadays, we watch many programs on television that create stars in such a short time. The judgment system of all of the programs is almost the same, through the pooling of the audiences by SMS (Short Message Service) or premium call. Everyday we can see the daily life of the contestants. Even though it is good to see how people learn about something but the privacy of the contestant has been violated by broadcasting it nation wide. Television shows, a new life phenomenon, have created instant stars and have manipulated the life of the contestant, manipulated for the contestants have no more privacy and that their life is arranged by the judges or the producer of the program, they cannot do the life as they want but all is arranged.

Indonesian Idol, Kontes Dangdut TPI, Akademi Fantasi Indosiar, The Dream Band, and many other programs on television that are trying to create stars in the world of music. They, the contestant of the programs are quarantined and trained to be singers or musicians. They all learn and train to be singer. Their daily life is displayed through television, which is against the privacy of the individual.
Indonesian Model and Cantik Indonesia are other instant star programs that produce beautiful girls in modeling and talent contest. Here, the contestants are prepared to be a model or star in any line but for model especially. Daily we watch their life friendship and even fighting among the contestants. We watch joy and tears in their life, which they do not want it to be broadcasted especially for tears. API or Akademi Pelawak TPI is one fine example of the program that produces the star in entertainment. Still, here, we see the daily life of the contestants being displayed on television.

Penghuni Terakhir, from all the television programs above may best provide the example of how human life is played on television. Here, we watch how the penghuni terakhir fight for a house worth 1,5 billion Rupiah. Their daily life is displayed on national television (people need privacy and sometime people need to be alone). It is the best example how today, people’s life can be manipulated and showed nation wide through television programs.

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