Monday, 9 February 2009

Bandung is one of the cities that is famous with fashion style. Many people said that the clothes from Bandung are cheaper and more fashionable. One of the things that I like from Bandung is about the import clothes; actually, it is not the brand new clothes but the clothes that have already worn. This kind of clothes is popular with the name “Cimall”. The clothes from Cimall are brought from abroad, such as Japan, Korea and China. Formerly, the existence of Cimall in Bandung is very apprehensive, because the sellers do not have a certain place to sell it stuffs. Now, the sellers of cimall might be happy because they have been given a place by the government to sell their stuffs. The moving of Cimall place from Tegal lega to the wider place; Gede bage give a proof that cimol is liked by many people in Bandung. Moreover, the demand of the Cimall clothes is rise from year to year, as I read from “Pikiran Rakyat”.

There are many reasons why people buy clothes from Cimall, the clothes from cimall is cheaper if we compared to the brand new clothes that sell in mall, supermarket or even shop. For the example a branded jeans which if we buy it in supermarket, it can reach Rp500.000, but in cimol, it can cost Rp200.000, but I think it is not the main reason why people buy a clothes from Cimall. For me, clothes from cimall give self-satisfaction. Besides of its cheaper, we can see many choices if we buy a clothes from cimall, from old school until Hip hop style is available here, so for everybody who always want to be different in style, Cimall is the one place that is deserve to be considered. The T-shirt from cimall is more comfortable (although it is very tight) if compared to the t-shirt from supermarket or even clothing shop.

The advantages as the effect of the cimall that are give the job to the jobless people and give the chance to the people to sell something such as soft drink, snack, and etcetera, as the necessary of the consumers and producers of cimall.

The disadvantages from the presence of the cimall that is can reduce the income of the common clothes sellers because of the competition in getting the consumer. Some people still sell their cimall clothes in the sides of the street in Bandung city that can damage the sight seeing. Considering cimall clothes as the clothes that have already worn, so many country will consider Indonesia as the lower country, because its citizen wear the clothes that has been considered as a garbage in other countries.

There are the advantages and the disadvantages that is caused by the presence of the Cimall in Bandung so, it is difficult to erase this market because it concerns with the many people. The government should filter the clothes that is taken to Indonesia by the merchant because not all of the clothes is deserve to be worn. See Second Hand Cloth.


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