Sunday, 11 January 2009

The term of Jakarta underground connects to the activity of Jakarta people that is formal but run against the rules. The word “underground” itself means the deepest fold of the ground, but this word often connects to something that is hidden or something that is not to be too exposed.

Jakarta underground can be called as the way of life of Jakarta people that concerns with the night club or night party which nowadays it is not only exposed through mass media such as: newspapers, magazines and books but also broadcasts in television such as programs fenomena in Trans TV and Jakarta Underground in Lativi. These programs describe about the fascination of Jakarta and the other big cities in Indonesia. This kind of programs often tells about the dark side of clubbing world that is not a rare thing anymore in Jakarta.

Actually, I disagree with the programs that show about the clubbing or party in some of the big cities in Indonesia. I just think that for whom does this kind of program broadcast?. In addition, what is the useful by broadcasting this program, because it cannot be considered as the entertainment program, furthermore, there no sense of educational thought? This program is danger if watched by the children because it is too vulgar to be watched by them although it is broadcasted in the midnight. I am afraid that children will think about the world of clubbing as the thing that good to do and far from sin.

In my opinion, this program is not more than just an advertisement to promote the nightclub place because sometimes the broadcaster mentions the place of clubbing. The fact shows that the people who are usually going to party or hang out in the nightclub is the rich person so, If the program still broadcasted in the television, finally people will think that by doing party or clubbing it can raise their prestige which all of this will lead into moral degradation.

Clubbing has become a new trend in this modern era and badly has been in blood of the teenager. I admit that people need an entertainment, but if the entertainment is forward to negative thing, I think it is not a good choice. I disagree with this kind of program because I think it is useless. Is there not a good program that more educated?

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