Thursday, 29 January 2009

Love is one thing that remains a mystery in our life. It is among the secrets of the nature that we still cannot discover the true meaning. Love is an act of caring to other people in many different ways, according to public opinion. There are many kinds of love, love to our parents, to our friends, to our relatives, to our children, to our love one, etc. They all show our affection to other people.

No one can explain better about love than teenagers, which are going mature or becoming adult and experience love for the first time in their live. It is the time when they get to know and curious about their opposite sex. Their thoughts about love are pushed by their hormones. Their definition about love and the kinds of love are various.

First love for teenagers is the love that never dies, they said. Puppy love is what happens when very young people are in love and they know nothing at all about love. It is just a child’s play. Love at first sight is one marvelous experience happens to a person anytime anywhere. Among all, true love is considered the greatest. The story about true love as in Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and The Beast, and Rama and Shinta are fine example of the power of love.

We have watched many movies, read many stories, heard many stories about love. Never do we have not drowned along the story. We have always got carried away with the story. We cry and laugh along the story of love. Then what is love? Who can explain about love? Will love be still a mystery for us? Many professors and scientists have confused about this term. The one who can tell us about love is the person who has ever fall in love, ever felt what love is like.

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  1. said...
    memang sih cinta tu banyak macemnya...termasuk ke pada orang tua, adik...atau siapa ajah hanya yang membedakannya adalah tujuan dari cinta itu.....

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