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In the middle of the night, the chief of Ulva’s isle, accompanied with his bonny bird lady, Lord Ullin’s daughter is in a hurry to cross the ferry. He asks the boatman to cross him and his lover despite the water, the stormy sea, the wind and the wild night.

The chief says that Lord Ullin does not agree with their love, the love of the chief and Lord Ullin’s daughter. So he takes her away. Lord Ullin chases the chief with the help from many equestrians and armed too. Listening the story, the boatman agrees to cross them over. “Not for money”, the boatman says. It is because the beauty and the charm of the of Lord Ullin’s daughter that the boatman would cross them over.

now Lord Ullin and his men are near, they have already on their way. Lord Ullin’s daughter now urges the boatman to be hurry eventhough they are going through the storm. She does not want to be chased and captured by his angry father.

Reaching the shore, Lord Ullin’s anger turns to regret as he watches her daughter and her lover go to the raging storm. Lord Ullin will forgive her daughter and the chief if they comeback. Lord Ullin’s daughter prefers the stormy sea rather than facing her angry father. Then there he was, Lord Ullin, cannot do anything. Sadly, he can only see her daughter on the deadly storm.


It told about a hero whose name was Lochinvar. People said that he came from the west. The horse that he rode was the best in all places. Traveling alone and unarmed was his habits. Nothing could ever stop him. Neither high mountains nor cold rivers could ever stop his purpose. He was a lover and a warrior, a fearless warrior. There was never a man could match the young Lochinvar.

Lochinvar stopped only in one place, Netherby. There, the lovely Ellen, his lover was to wed another man, a man who was not in war like Lochinvar. Lochinvar bravely entered the Netherby hall, full of people. The bride’s father, with a sword on his hand, was among those people. The father asked Lochinvar whether he came to destroy or to join the party, but Lochinvar said no word.

Later then Lochinvar disapprovingly replied. The bride’s father had refused his love to Ellen despite the young Lochinvar was wanted by every women in Scotland. The bride kissed the glass and Lochinvar took it drank the wine and threw the glass. Lochinvar looked at Ellen and held her hand, took a deep breath and asked her to go with him. Ellen seemed to happy and joined him. The father and the mother were angry at what they saw. They sent men to after Lochinvar and Ellen when they both ran from the hall. The men chased them for long time but result nothing. Lochinvar and Ellen had gone for their love. Ellen’s cousins said that they were a perfect couple.


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